Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Happy Banner Day

I have an old friend from college that asked me to make a banner for her mother for Easter. Together with her two sisters, four beautiful children and two super cute dogs I just finished the banner below. I had such a great time creating this one of a kind piece for Jenn and her family. I hope her mom loves it...think it's a sure thing.

Here is the gorgeous mantle that my work will be calling home.  I am just over the moon that it will be hanging in such a beautiful place.


Lots of goodies to check out on this banner.  I am so happy that it will be hanging in a wonderful home with so much love.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Oh wow! That banner is totally awesome. It is perfect for where it will be hung. Your friend's mother will love it. Thanks for sharing it. It makes me wish I had a mantle to make a banner to hang on.

  2. This turned out terrific! Love all the details.. especially the doilies at the top. I'm sure they were thrilled!

  3. That banner came out beautifully! You are amazingly talented!