Saturday, February 23, 2013

Headband Happiness


So my buddies at the gym have been eating up my handmade headbands...and I am loving it! much glitter is what they have been wearing as they work out those beautiful bods of theirs. 

I have some new colors coming in this week and will be working up some fun new headband love.  Orange is the hot color so my buddies asked for it and I am delivering. sunny and happy this color makes me feel.

Basic black no more...a little bling to spice up your workout or outfit of the day.

I also have pink, blue, purple, green, off white and so many more that the colors are endless.  Also, have a fun streatchy yoga headband I will be showing this week along with elastic hairbands.  Come and get em ladies!!


  1. Oh I love those headbands and the orange is so happy. Who wouldn't feel happy working out wearing one of those headbands.

  2. VERY cute and fun! Did you spray them with glitter or did the ribbon come that way? We need to plan an outing. :)