Thursday, July 30, 2009

More 365...

07-04-09 4th of July at Camp Westwood. No flags in this one but you can see Gail in the canoe trying to win the race. 07-06-09 Our realtor, Becky, took us out sailing on Boston Harbor as a thank you for selling our was such a blast. Her hubby was the captain and we sailed all by ourselves on a 39 foot sailboat. 07-07-09 A little friend came to visit while the kids had McDonalds in the car today. No, we did not feed him and kept the windows up.
07-18-09 Grant and Grady's combined bday party...what a blast.
07-18-09 More of the party!
07-19-09 Ace needed to rest the day after the party...he was quite the pooped pooch.
07-20-09 A little harvest from the garden.
07-21-09 Gail parks and rec basketball is played outside at the highschool when the weather is was a beautiful night tonight. With a great breeze.
07-22-09 Football equipment pick up today. No photo of Grant...he was having trouble getting the helmet on his head, poor guy.
07-24-09 Gregg and my brother start out on thier weekend camping trip to the Baseball Hall Of Fame.
07-25-09 Happy Birthday to me. We went to Stonewall kitchen for a cooking class with Grannie, Auntie Pickles, Jodine and Nanie. Too many pics to show them all but this one had to be the one to use. Gail was so excited about her TWO lobsters at dinner.
07-26-09 Doubleday field at Cooperstown.
07-27-09 Check out the turkeys we found roaming around Helen's yard when we were over there swimming today. A mama, daddy and one other big one that we think was the Grandpa...or atleast that is what Grady thought. 6 babies too.
07-28-09 Gail and I went blueberry picking today. They were huge!
07-29-09 Opening night for Willy Wonka Jr. Gail is playing Mr. Bucket...Charlies Dad.
Well, all caught up here. Feels good, even though I have missed a few days here and there. TFL!
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  1. Mf...I love all of your photos. Gail looks so tall and grownup in the basketball photo. WTG on keeping up with this project!

  2. thanks for all the photos! it's great to see how the kids have grown!

  3. Life is looking fantastic and congrats on the new digs!

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