Wednesday, July 29, 2009

365 Update

Here is my latest update. I have so many photos I have to do it in batches. I think I am slowly killing blogger for everyone! 6-8-09 Part of my packing up of the linen closet. To be honest this was one of the most fun parts of moving. I finally have a linen closet that will fit everything...and I mean everything. 6-9-09 Lunch with my some of my favorite ladies...scrapping ladies. From left to right. Alice Golden, ME, Jen Strano and Laurie Gelo. Laurie does not blog so she get no link...come on Laurie! 6-12-09 Gail and her school friend making tshirts for field day. I have no idea why this picture is this was not this way when I uploaded it. Oh well, too lazy to fix it now.
6-13-09 Grant up at bat at his first playoff game. Unfortunatly they lost. Poop!
6-14-09 Roasting marshmallows outside our new house. Gosh we are just having such a blast doing this. We move in on the 29th.
6-15-09 Writers Celebration in Grady's class today. He did such a good job reading his story. He has come a long way in a year.
6-15-09 Indian lunch with Gillian today. We do this at the end of the school year each year. Shh...don't tell anyone but we went out to lunch twice this week.
6-16-09 The first trip to the ice cream man at out new house.
6-17-09 Grady's class party.
6-18-09 Grant played the sun in his Water Cycle play during the last week of school.
6-19-09 Gregg and I went out for coffee today. Panera is so yummy. If you can you have to try the orange scones..they are my fav.
6-20-09 Grady got a chocolate shake today while at Shelly's ice cream shop.
6-21-09 We had Father's day dinner at the Brazillian BBQ joint in the next town over. OMGosh is was amazing!
6-22-09 BIG DAY!!! Moving today! 11 hours, 3 guys and one truck and only tow trips back and forth.
6-23-09 Field day for Gail today. Deleted the photo...need to go get it back...ouch.
6-27-09 Cubs Fishing Derby today. No fish caught but everyone had a good time.
6-28-09 Grady and Jill's new puppy....Quincy.
6-29-09 This is the last time these two little boys will pose in front of this door. On to bigger and better things in our new house and they next adventure.
6-30-09 SOLD The photo says it all!
7-3-09 Archery at the campground was so much fun. I love this photo of Grant with the bow and arrow while Gail and Grady huh?
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