Saturday, June 27, 2009

365 Update

5-25-09 Memorial Day in Shrewsbury. Grady marched in the parade with his Cub Den. Grant did not want to march this year so he hung out with all of us and watch. It was really fun this year because we walked up from our new house to the center of town. 5-26-09 A little fun before the bus came for school today. 5-27-09 My geraniams my mom gave me for my front steps..they are so pretty.
5-28-09 This is my main reading focus latley. This one issue gave me so many really neat ideas for my new kitchen...oh I can't wait to see it.
5-28-09 Grant as Alexander Graham Bell.
5-29-09 My mom got her other eye done today. She has cateracts...and now can see without glasses. What an amazing thing.
5-30-09 So, Helen told me about going to the Worcester Telegraph and Gazette for newspring paper for wrapping my china in when I start packing. So, today I went to pick it up and I met this realy neat guy named Bernie. He took me for a tour of the newspaper and it was really cool. Also, really sad to hear that they are loosing so many jobs and folks are just not reading the paper copies of the NP anymore. What a fun experience this was. This photo is of the newsprint realls as they sit under the press and get ready to be pulled up when the paper is printed.
5-31-09 Here is Grady checking out the stamin on a flower at the botanical garden. I was one of his cheperones today for his field trip.
6-1-09 Here is Grant walking to the center of town for his field trip to the Sumner House and Shrewsbury Historical Society. Daddy went on this trip.
6-2-09 Lemonade anyone. You can tell the weather is getting better. Lots of lemonade stands are popping up. This one was at my friend Maria's house. Well, I am done for now. Got to get the rest of Junes photos off my camera and get moving. Have a good one. MF signature

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