Saturday, June 6, 2009

365 Update!

Two of my favorite ladies gave me a kick in the butt to get moving on uploading my 365 photos...Thanks Nicole and Carolyn!! Here goes. I need to do more then one post or I may single handedly take down blogger. 5-7-09 Grant and one of his favorite snacks...Churros. We get them at the food court at BJs. 5-10-09 This is a photo of my grandmother, Claire, and her best bud Ace. She came to visit us on Mother's was so nice to see her. The kids don't get that chance very much so it was even more of a treat for them to see her on Mother's Day. 5-11-09 I love this photos of the boys playing out front in the yard. I love they way Grant is out of focus and you have got to love Grady's lazy expression. 5-12-09 One of my favorite hostas in my yard....poo poo it will not be coming with me to the new house. I think this one is about 40+ years old. It came from my mom's garden and she tells me she got the first part of it when I was a baby. This one started out with me as a 1 foot wide plant and now it is about 5 feet wide. 5-16-09 A little treat after a good game of ball. 5-17-09 One of our many trips to Home Depot. We spend lots of time there now. Grady is walking out with his new shovel over his shoulder. 5-18-09 Gregg on one of his many grass trimming nights. He has to do this at two houses now. He will be so excited when he only has to do it in one place. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OLDEST AND DEAREST FRIEND...JILL! 5-19-09 Grant catching bugs coming home from practice. 5-20-09 Two new leggos to add to the collection. These are pretty cool looking race cars. 5-21-09 Gail on opening night of her show "Oliver". What is up with the make up I say!! 5-22-09 Gail with her best buddy Lena. This was taken by the two of them at Minute Man Park when we were on thier field trip. BTW...they are both standing. See how much taller Gail is from Lena I will be back with more posts soon. Got to get the rest of my 150 photos off my other card on my other camera. Have a good one! MF signature


  1. HOly cow, that hosta sounds GINORMOUS!!

    Great photos MF! So fun to peek into your life!

  2. looks like the Fabbri family is dong great! thanks for the update MF! good job on the 365 during moving. You always have the most fun pictures. Catching bugs? seriously? lol.