Monday, March 9, 2009

365...its a long one!

2/20/09 - Filler from last week...these are Gail's new skinney jeans. How cute are they? 2/23/09 Cherries....Grant LOVES cherries. This the amount they always give him at Friendy's when we go out for lunch. 2/25/09 - Scrapping with Helen today at ATFM. One of my most favorite times is when we just go to the store and hang out during the day. No kids, just us... 2/26/09 - Yoga today 2/27/08 - Picked up my new setting for my diamond and also my new wedding band. I am in LOVE with it. And even more in love with my hubby for giving me such a beautifl diamond for our 15 anniversary. The kids gave me a piggy bank for Christmas so I could save my pennies and I did and bought it with cash...something about doing that is so satisifing.
2/28/09 - in my car....again!
3/2/09 - Snow day today!
3/3/09 - Traffic today on Rt. 9, I was on my way to the bank. This stretch of the highway is always packed.
3/4/09 - Some old iron work in a really cool loft....but that is it for me on this one. More to come later, just have to keep my mouth shut about this for now.
3/5/09 - New Technique Tuesday stamps arrived today. They are AWESOME, and I have already used some of them. Just need to get off my butt and post photos.
3/6/09 - Frames from my picture wall in my hallway upstairs. Had to remove them all, fill in the holes and paint the wall. But, more on that later also.
3/7/09 - Paint for the guest room, got to paint that this week.
3/9/09 - Laundry DAY! Sunday and laundry....don't have to explain that any further.
That's it for me. I think I am all caught up. Enjoy ladies and thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking forward to this post! GREAT photos MF and I ESPECIALLY love the 3/4/09 photo! ;)

  2. Do you have a secret MF? Do we have something in common other than scrapbooking right now? :)

  3. your ring is gorgeous! and I think I know what's going on....can't wait until you share :)

  4. OMG I love Gail's skinny jeans. She is just so darn cute!

  5. great photos! looking forward to hearing more about your latest adventure LOL :) you're crazy!

  6. I had to look close at the Rt. 9 traffic area. Then I saw the Walgreens next to the CVS and knew exactly where it was! LOL!!

    Awesome photos of your everyday life. Keep it up!! :) :)

  7. so cute with her pink skinny jeans!
    love you ring,so beautiful!

  8. Moving on up are we? ;) Beautiful ring - ooooooh, love it! Enjoyed all your photos. Andrew loves cherries too.

  9. Hey MF, do you like your washer/dryer stacked? I have been thinking about doing it to mine to gain some storage space and was wondering if it was annoying to reach up to it?