Monday, March 23, 2009

365 Update

3-9-09 - My mother and cousin Jodine came to visit today. We went out to lunch and was snowing again.
3-10-09 Grant and Daddy start working on his homedrum for the "Instrument"fair at school.
3-11-09 Went out for dinner tonight....goofy company for sure.
3-12-09 Grant got his whittling badge tonight at Cubs.
3-13-09 Grant and his finshed drum at the fair.
3-14-09 We went to George and Dianes tonight for a home concert by Ellen Stepnehorst, she is a folk artist. We had a great time doing something we normally would not was a blast.
3-15-09 Pine Wood Derby today. Grant came in 6th our of 12 and won for the most original designg. Grady was not feeling well but got out of bed so his Cheetos Racecar could race...he did a super job and came in 4 in his den.
3-15-09 Waffles with chocolate syrup...the kids fav in the morning.
3-16-09 One of my crappy project I just did for HSN.
3-17-09 My room all ready for the open house on Sunday. I even covered Ace's red chair with a white slipcover. And of course I will not have to cover that ever time he goes near it....Please sell house...PLEASE!
3-18-09 Well, it is official...we are moving! Once the house sells that is...
3-19-09 Grady and his 13 inch pancake, we went out to Jan's diner in Worcester for breakfast today.
3-19-09 Here is Grant with his....I just could not fit the two on one photo....can't you see why?
3-20-09 My dumpster was hauled away today. Gosh I just loved having this for a week. There is great satisification in having a dumpster that you can just toss anything into.
3-21-09 Here are the boys and Ace while we were driving around town today. We ALL had to be out of the house for the open house today so that meant ACE came for the ride also. It does not look like the boys objected one bit.
3-23-09 This is me playing catch up on the 365 today. I know a lame photo but I just had to get to this today. I can't let it is too much fun to do!
Until next time...enjoy!
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  1. AWESOME photos MFF!! I want a pancake like that!!

  2. Okay, this is my favorite group of photos yet! LOVE the realtor sign, the ginormous pancakes and your folk singer-friend! HOW FUN!

    I still need to post mine from last week! Ack!

  3. You got some great pics...I love the derby cars. And holy dang, that is a big pancake :)

  4. after a week on my diet I think I could take both those pancakes right now! LOL

  5. Enjoyed your photos and seeing a bit of your world. :) Your scrap room looks great. I cannot believe how big Ace is - oh and those big 13 inch pancakes are a hoot! Andrew would love one of those. Like the boys' derby cars too!

  6. great photos mff!!!huge pancake, I can see why the grin on his face! so cute!