Friday, July 14, 2017

Family Bottle Opener Sign

Super fun project up today.  I have been working on these signs for a client.  She will be giving them as gifts at her upcoming family reunion.  What a great idea to give as a gift.  And I enjoyed making each of them.

I take a lot of pride in my work.  And I like for each piece I make to not only look great but function great also.  I took some extra time with this project to make sure when hanging the sign it will stay put.  You will notice on the top and bottom on the sign there are two little wood buttons. They are hiding the counter sinked holes I drilled so you can attach the sign with screws.  The wood buttons hide the screws.  This finishes off the sign nicely and with it being screwed into the wall, it should stay put while folks pop the tops on their refreshment.

I also attached the mason jar with a plumbing clip. That is also screwed securely into the wood and when you want to empty the jar you just unscrew the clip a little and the jar pulls out from the bottom, you can then reattach it after emptying.

Everything is sealed with outdoor poly just in case this makes it to your deck for your outdoor entertaining.

Thanks for taking a look.  If you want to grab yourself one just message me and we can chat.

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