Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Altered Paint Brush...who would have thought it could look so cool?

I had the opportunity to participate in a swap over at Boston Area Scrap Fanatics.  They are a lovely group of "crafty" paper ladies that just have a blast creating and sharing ideas.

Here is my paint brush.  I had a blast doing this.  Think I may even try another sometime soon.

See how the bristles are all curly?  Totally happened by accident.  When I was using my head gun to dry the paint it curled up the bristles when they started to melt.  I totally love how it came out.

This button and element was a piece I had originally planned to use as a necklace piece, but never got around to it.  It fit in perfect here.

All of these little wheels and mechanical bits and pieces have been laying around in my studio for atlas 8 years or so.  I got them as a freebie at my first CHA show way back in 2005.  So glad they have a new home now.

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  1. Mishe is lucky. That came out beautifully. The "mistake" of curling the paintbrush was a good find too.