Thursday, April 3, 2014

My first canvas!

So, I joined the Art Society over at Christy Tomlinson place.  It is a monthly art club.  This is my first project....take a gander!

I thought it would be fun to some "me" art.  I have really not done anything latterly that is just for fun.  I love Christy's work and all her amazing backgrounds that she creates are so creative and colorful....just love that!

The process is really fun and I am learning so many neat things.  This months project was to take an old canvas that you had lying around and create this overlay type of design by sketching it out, painting in the negative space then adding in finishing touches with pens, markers, stamps, rub ons...etc.

The possibilities are endless.  I want to make a huge one for over my fireplace. But, for now I am sticking to small manageable ones so I can learn more of the technique.

You can check out Christy's blog here.  Have a great day everyone!
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