Monday, June 10, 2013

Last bit of flowery fun for awhile

So, I know that prom season is over and I have been going overboard showing all the corsages I have made.  But, I promise...this is it.  My last showing for now.

Here is Meg's...I have known Meg since she was 5 years old.  Her Mom and I are buddies and when she asked me to make her corsage I was so excited.

And here is Nicole's...Meg's sister.  Just gorgeous!

Alrighty then...I am done with the the corsages for now.  Thanks for looking everyone.  And thank you so much to all the wonderful folks who hired me to make such a special piece of their child's prom memories.
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  1. These are beautiful MF! Shellx

  2. These two are gorgeous. I'm glad that you had the chance to make corsages for two special young women. I know they will cherish them for years.