Monday, May 13, 2013

Prom Corsage (Orange and Blue)

I was asked to make another wrist corsage for the junior prom here in town.  I was super excited when I was given a photo of Erin's dress.  It was so colorful and different then most dresses that you see....and if you know me you know that I LOVE anything different.  What fun it was coming up with something that would complement her dress.  And here it is....

Paper flowers in bright orange with a hint of turquoise blue glitter added to the ends.  Mini rolled flowers to pull out the turquoise from the dress.

All set on a beaded bracelet.

And here is a close up of the brown suede ribbon I used.  As you can see in Erin's dress below the bodice of her dress had brown suede/leather accents.

What a great looking couple.  


  1. That is so perfect with her dress! And something that she will be able to keep and have look great for years to come. (Unlike all of my old prom corsages that are crumbled to dust in the pages of a book somewhere...)

  2. This is gorgeous, my friend! Enjoying seeing your new creations. :)

    1. Thanks Leslie, I have been having so much fun creating these pieces. Love seeing my work hanging on the arm a a very pretty young lady.

  3. That is so perfect. An unusual corsage to go with an unusual dress. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations.

  4. Maryfrances,
    We bought Erin's dress at a wonderful boutique in Maui because it (and everything in the store) was so different. I warned her that no one would be wearing a dress like that and was thrilled that she really wanted it! When I saw your corsage, I just couldn't believe it. So stunning. So perfect. Thank you! It made everything all the more special.

  5. what an amazing post that I have ever come through.
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  6. You are so talented!