Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Headband Toppers

I have a friend, Janice, from the gym that has asked me to collaboarte with her on a project.  She is a photographer, and a mighty good one, I must say.  Check her out HERE.  She will be doing some spring and Eastetr photo shoots soon and she asked me to make some headbands for the lovely girls that will be modeling for her.

I am also working on some props for her to use during her shoots.  Those are yet to come but I will show them here for sure.

Anyway, I was never into headbands when Gail was a baby but I have to say that if she was one now she would have one of these babies on her head for sure.  Heck, she's 15 now, and I may just see if she will wear one to school tomorrow.

Note:  These are not the best photos...just wait until Janice's photos are ready.  I am sure she will pretty up my work BIG TIME!  Thanks Janice, can't wait to see the photo shoot photos when they are ready!
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  1. Those headband toppers are so cute. I would wear headbands with those toppers on them.

    Photo shoots are so much fun and even more so with these headband toppers and whatever other props you are making. I'm sure that Janice appreciates all of your hard work.

    1. Hey thanks for the message. I can't wait for the snow to be gone so we can have some spring shoots for sure.