Monday, October 15, 2012

Studio Happenings (10-12-2012)

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a super weekend.  We were super busy again with dinner dates, baseball games, speech tournaments and Gail even went to her first high school dance.

Even my studio was buzzing along this weekend.  Gregg was in there working on insulating the garage door so I will be warm and toasty in there during the winter.  And of course we have to make it look nice at the same time.  So, the place is in a shambles until that work is to get cracking my whip this week.

I did manage to work on a few projects last week.  I started to sort out goodie bags for the retreat coming up next month, my Mom came for a visit and sorted and re wrapped all the ribbon spools I have, and I worked on a few projects.  Got some photos to show below.

I did end up finishing up 10 headbands this weekend.  Had to kill some time in between Gregg needing me know hold up a garage door or two.

I am in love with my new running belt I made.  Got to love something about running because in my opinion RUNNING SUCKS!

I also decided this weekend it was time to start looking for a new sewing machines.  My machines' computer went last spring and I have been working with Gail's little machine and it really is taking a beating.  It is cute and all...and it does match my studio.  But, it is time to start looking at new machines.  If you have a machines you love let me know what you love about it.  I am going to do a full search of all different machines before I decide what to buy.

Well, got to run.  The gym is calling my name.  I little too much fun this weekend, got to go work some of it off.
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  1. I love the pendant. The running belt is cute and would work for walking. I don't run as it is too hard on my joints but do some power walking with the dogs.

    Sorry I don't have a recommendation on a sewing machine. Oh the shame! I bought a sewing machine over seven years ago and have never used it. I could not get the tension right on it and other things happened. I found the manual while sorting through things and if I can ever clear a path to it think I'll try again. I would love to sew on cards and to make paper ruffles as embellishments.

    Good luck on getting your studio warm,cozy,and inviting.

  2. Does it count as crafting if it's created in my classroom by my students? If so, then we are creating juice box monsters! Totally stole the idea from Pinterest. Using the activity as a writing prompt for my kids. I'll send pictures!

  3. How cute is that little machine you have there! No recommendations for sewing machines from me. I got mine as a gift when I was in college, which was longer ago than I care to admit (or think about!). It's a Singer and has survived this long with the torture I have put it through.

  4. hey... glad to see you are back in the blogging world! Love the new items on Etsy... the pendants with the stitching are my favorites. Can't wait to see the new studio!