Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thought I would share some highlights from the past year.  Some of my favorite projects that I did during the year.

 Got a little Etsy Shop going this year.

 I still have not gotten bored of making these fun t-shirts our of scraps I have around as well as the bargain shirt found while doing my errands.
 These bracelets are fun.  Get to use up my button stash on these.
This little scout stamp by My Favorite Thinks is my most prized possession from my stamp collection.  Having two scouts in the family and and excuse to use this little cutie has been fun this year.
I picked this stamp set up at CK Manchester when Helen and I went up for the day in May.

Karen Foster came out with stamps at the beginning of the year so it was fun to play around with them as well as all the papers and embellies.

 I did some sample work for Ink About It...that was a blast!
 Love this piece of paper from Karen Foster!
 Part of my Project 12 Album.
 Happy Valentine's Day!
 More sample work.
 Happy Birthday Grant!

and then there was the jewelry....lots of jewelry!  It is all up in my Etsy Shop!  Come check it out.

Well, enough from me for today.  Hope you enjoyed my little look back at 2011.  Looking forward to being even craftier in 2012!

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  1. I love the bracelets. how do you make them. I am always trying to keep alexandra busy.

  2. Love the flowers cascadng downt eh shoulder of the grey tee-shirt, AND the small plate & flower jewelry pendants. Wearable Art is a perfect name for your line of creativity. Do you teach classes on how to make the bracelets? Thinking of sending.them to my sisters and friends for a surprise birthday gift! So creative, you are just so creative!! See you next week @ kickboxing, Maureen P.