Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day Of School

Well, the day has come around again....The First Day of School.  Gail is now in 7th, Grant 5th and Grady 3rd.  New Schools for both Gail and Grant.  All the kiddos were super happy to go back. They could not wait to get back to seeing their friends and teachers. 

Well, off to clean my house and the dog...yes he got a direct hit from his stinking friend the skunk last night.  And he is depressed about....ya right.
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  1. What a great photo! Hope this kiddos have a great first day! :)

  2. The kids look great! Poor Ace. :^(

  3. They are getting sooo big. Gail is turning into a beautiful young lady. Poor pooch.

  4. Roopert has gotten sprayed 2 times this summer and 1 time last summer. I'm ready to go Rambo on the species.