Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is in the air...and on these cute t-shirts

Hey Hey Everyone! The sun is shining and there are many happy children jumping on the trampoline in our backyard. Yesterday each of the kiddos had a friend over after school and they jumped for hours.

I have been doing some sewing projects lately and creating these really cool cosage t-shirts. I have been seeing these popping up at places like J-Crew and Ann Taylor. And I must say they are way to expensive for my taste. So, crafty me decided to make some. Check these out!

Supplies Needed: 2 t-shirts of the same color (or coordinating color...up to you)Thread in a coodinating color. Sewing needle or machine. Scissors for cutting the fabric shapes. Buttons or beads for further embellishment if needed.

The orange T was made by cutting a heart shape on my Cricut machine. I thien used the shape as a template and cut 15 hearts from the t-shirt fabric. The heart was about 3 inches. Any heart shape would due or you could even use a circle. I then sewed them on the t-shirt, starting at the top and moving down around the neck line. You need to overlap the hearts and tuck them under eachother. Just a little bit of stitching in the middle of each will do it. You can do this by hand or with a machine.

For the grey T I cut circles in three sizes and layered them on top of eachother with a bead in the middle.

All in all each t-shirt cost about $8.00 in supplies and 30 minutes of time. Not bad considering they sell at J-Crew and Ann Taylor for over $40.00.

Yay for being crafty!! Have a great day! MF signature


  1. These are so stinkin' cute. I love, love, love that grey one. Wonderful inspiration and now I'm on the look out for T's so I can create. I love crafting. It makes me so happy.

    Laurie G

  2. Awesome shrts! how cute those are!

  3. Fabulous Mf...I'm partial to the orange shirt. TFS

  4. those are SO super cute! I am "sewing" challenged but might be able to manage one of these!!! thanks MF!

  5. Hey Maryfrances! When I first saw you designed for Karen Foster, I wanted to ask if you know Alice Golden! Sure enough!! lol. It's a small scrappy world, eh? :) :)

    These t-shirts are so so very cute!! such clever ideas!

  6. I've been waiting to see these, I'm so glad you made them.
    Are they for you or gail?

  7. Those are so cute. I love the grey one.

  8. Love these - and I know how gorgeous that orange one is in person :) Love the idea with the circles too... I bet these would be really cute sewn onto a summery bag.

  9. Welcome to the mSB design team, Maryfrances. Can't wait to get to know you!!!

  10. What a fabulous idea!!! TFS!! I'm sure gonna try this!!!!

  11. I love these! And I wear a size medium. ♥ HA!!

  12. I saw these the other day, but didn't leave any love for you I'm sorry MF!
    Beautiful work, you are really talented. Wish you were round the corner!