Tuesday, October 13, 2009

365....really long!

I have been slacking again in my 365. I am doing pretty good about taking the photos but not about uploading them. So, this one is a long one for sure. 10-12-09 The makings of an apple crisp while we were camping this weekend. OMGosh is was awesome. I will post our recipe (Jen and I) soon....well maybe soon! 10-11-09 Grant got the "Best Effort" game ball today at his game. He was double teamed on every play but still managed some great tackels. 10-10-09 Some shots of the kids while we were apple picking. The orchard is also a tree farm.
10-09-09 Yup...here is Ace tied up while camping. Does he look bummed or what?
10-08-09 We scottered to and from school today. Grant's new buddy Ryan came with us.
10-07-09 No walking to school today, it was raining. Here the boys are running to catch the bus.
10-05-09 I grew this pumpkin and 4 more big ones this summer. I am so proud of myself.
10-04-09 I little wrap up after today's game.
10-03-09 Grady started CCD today and this is the picture he colored in of Jesus. He will bring it to church and someone will take it home and pray for his all year as he prepares for First Communion.
10-02-09 The kids with my Mom at her Quilt Show. She belongs to the Proper Bostonian Quilt Guild in Boston. My mom and Grandmother made this quilt for my Auntie Pickles. My grandmother embroidered all the white squares with beach embellishments. This hangs in my Aunt's beach house.
10-01-09 A little ice cream treat tonight.
09-30-09 Missed this day.
09-29-09 Spelling test prep
Missed 09/28-09-25 OOPS! 09-24-09 Here is Grant with his friend Anna playing in the loft.
09-23-09 Grady's self portrait that sits outside his classroom.
09-22-09 Curriculum night at Grady's school today...this is his desk and the letter he wrote to me.
09-21-09 A trip to the farmers market.
09-20-09 Some tile samples for our backsplash in the kitchen.
09-19-09 These little foam guys are going to be, hopefully, wrapped about chocolate bars for the boys to give out to thier friends. Ya, lets see if that happens.
09-18-09 A little jousting at the church fair.
09-17-09 Day one of the St. Mary's church fair.
09-16-09 Finally found all my mini albums and have them displayed in my dining room.
09-15-09 Curriculm night at Grant's school. His teacher is obsessed with shoes and this sits in the classroom. Can't wait to shop for her during the holidays.
09-13-09 Grady got to participate in the coin toss at todays game.
09-12-09 Jr. Mite Gold Homecoming Celebration was today...rainy but lots of fun for the boys.
09-11-09 Grampa came to visit today. Daddy made pizza and we all hung out.
09-10-09 Love this tree in Prospect Park where I take Ace walking.
09-09-09 This is Ace's peeing pole Gregg put in his "Poop In The Woods" area in the back yard. Ace is being trained to poop and pee in only one spot in our yard.
Wowza...this was a long one for sure. Glad you came by to take a peak.
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  1. Great photos - but HOLY COW Gail is lookin' grown up these days!

  2. I totally agree w/ C re: Gail. She's growing up so fast and a real beauty.
    My faves are the kids in the trees and Ace's peeing pole. LOL

  3. Lovely photos! that one of Ace is too funny and your kids are all so photogenic. I want to see a post with a virtual tour of your new digs!!

  4. Hey Grady seems to have a lot of girl friends! ;) heh heh

    Gail is GORGEOUS!

    I love seeing photos of your Mum too and is that your Dad?

    I am glad you have your minis on display - they look beautiful!