Wednesday, September 2, 2009

365 Update

8-14-09 Grant is such a happy boy now that he is playing football. He is one of the quarterbacks which makes him even more happy about playing. 8-16-09 Gail and Lena fooling around one night. 8-17-09 I took Ace, Gail and Lena about for ice cream while the boys where at football practice. Ace sure did enjoy his vanilla in a cup.
8-18-09 Scrimmage against Hudson...yup we got killed. But, Grady does make one of the best centers out there. BTW...he has got to be the smallest center in the history of the game weighting in at a whopping 48 lbs.
8-19-09 Everybody huddle. There is the star quarterback at #8.
8-21-09 Grannie came to visit today. A fancy lunch at McD. was a must.
8-22-09 How funny is this. Grady has taken to falling asleep on his way to pratice now.
8-23-09 We had to get Grant's glasses fixed today and I think Grady had the best time trying on all the samples.
8-24-09 The volcano sunday at Friendly's.
8-25-09 Gail got her Selena Gomez hair do today...and she looks wonderful. Except no photo of the camera battery ran out after this photo. She is sporting the new do down below, check out the first day of school. Selena.....Look Out Girl!
8-26-09 Ace on the beach at OOB.
8-27-09 One of our last days of summer while we were camping with Annette, Jim and the kids.
8-28-09 Gail and Ace just hanging out.
8-29-09 Smoothies at the campsite.
8-30-09 We got a little minigolf in before the rain hit during out camping trip.
8-31-09 We had to get to Sherwood to check out the team lists for Gail once we got home from vacation. Can you tell she is just a little excited to start the new year off.
9-01-09 First day of school. Boy have these three grown up in the last year. time flies.
Thanks for peaking...have a good one!
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  1. What great photos - I especially like the one of them on the 1st day of school. Jack started yesterday, but James doesn't go back till the about that fabric shopping trip sometime the week after I get back from ScrapFest?

  2. Love seeing the kids and your house!