Wednesday, September 9, 2009

365 this week...or is it last week?

9-2-09 Grady and Ace doing a little reading after school.
9-3-09 Gail's lunch bag is done...and so cute.
9-4-09 We had to go to a wake in RI today. So Gregg and I stopped at one of the Del's lemonade trucks for a treat. Only in RI can you get Del's
9-5-09 Grant and Grady's first game was today. I loved this shot of Gregg talking to Grant before he took the field for the first time at QB.
9-6-09 Our walk home from church. We live less then a mile excuses!
9-7-09 Another great shot of our new kitchen. This one is for you C! I know, I know...I have got to get more photos up.
9-8-09 Gail got contacts today. Popped them in and out and she was on her way. What is up with that? BTW...she looks amazing without her glasses.
That is it for this week...have a good one. Oh last week...yup got it.
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