Tuesday, August 11, 2009

365 update (8/11/09)

Lots of good stuff going on at the Fabbri house....take a look! 8-11-09 BUSTED is all I can say. Yup, that couch is off limits big time. I guess Ace was out of town when we had that conversation. 08-10-09 Happy 9th Birthday to Grant. Crappy photo but that is what you get in the dark with a point and shoot...or atleast what I get with a point and shoot. 08-09-09 Grant's birthday dinner. We went to the Imperial buffett AGAIN. We have gone there for the last three kids bday dinners. Yes it is getting old. Gail is up next and has already promised a different location.
08-08-09 Our corn harvest. We got 5 ears this year from the garden. We grilled them on the bbq with butter and oild and they were so yummy.
08-07-09 Our frist bit of wood came today. We had a fire pit that was awesome with our new seasoned DRY wood.
08-06-09 I finally went scrapbooking and got three layouts done. YAY me!
08-05-09 Our new Family Room furniture arrived today. Gregg christened it by falling asleep on it.
08-04-09 Gail's friend Emma came by today. She just turned 12. Her and Gail have been to each others bdays thier entire lives....12 years and counting.
08-03-09 Chicken nuggets for lunch on our new bar in the kitchen. Did you know that a chicken nugget has 72 ingredients in it?
08-02-09 Grant got his haircut for the start of football season...can you tell?
08-01-09 Gail and her friends at the Wonka cast party.
07-31-09 Ace loves the new oriental in the dining room. Although from the looks of it he may be staking his claim on other new pieces of furniture in the house.
07-30-09 My new red stove....is that the coolest thing or what?
Well, all cought up again. Thanks to my friend Carolyn and her very subtle kick in the butt to keep this going...thanks C!
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  1. OMG I need a red stove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love the football hair! lol

  2. LOVE the stove & hair-do!! WTH on the 72 ingred. in chicken nuggets - that is wrong! :)

  3. Great photos MF. Love how Ace is trying everything out. LOL
    I'm really proud of you and C keeping up with this project. WTG!!!