Friday, June 5, 2009

No photos but and update... is better then nothing at all. So, the electrician shows up yesterday to start on the know recessed lights, under cabinet lights and so forth. Well, he tells us later in the afternoon since the NONE of the kitchen wiring is up to code now he has to rewire the entire kitchen back to the breaker box....YAY. Can you all say CAAAACHINGGGG$$$$$$ But, despite this setback we are super excited and can't wait to move in. The moving trucks come two weeks from Monday. We basically have not even started packing things yet. Oh well, it will all work out when the time comes. We are very excited about the kitchen going in and that seems to be moving along, even with the rewiring. And Gregg went and got the camper from Becky and Mike last night so our baby is home with us in its spot next to the garage. Well, off to take a shower and head to Grant's Alexander Graham Bell presentation. Have a good one! MF signature

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