Wednesday, April 15, 2009

365 Update....a really long one!

3-25-09 Another night out for dinner while the house is being shown. Tonight it was Moe's Mexican for burritos and nachos. One of my favs. So yummy and everything is so fresh, they have no freezers in the entire place. 3-26-09 Grady was loving having the window open in the car today as we drove around during a showing. The weather was pretty decent today so having the window open was a refreshing change for this happy New Englander. 3-27-09 Grant had his writers celebration today. He wrote a story about when we got Ace, it as so sweet and so darn good I must say. This is a big deal for Grant seeing he has been struggling with reading and writing for some time. Also, you can't really see it in this pic but today was the day we spent the morning at the ER. Grady decided to throw a pencil at Grant and got it right in the eye, just missed his cornea...thanks goodness for that.
3-28-09 Gail and one of her favorite staples....Tabasco.
3-29-09 The boys playing Bingo at the Spring Street School Fun Fair.
3-31-09 Nice weather today and Baseball season is about to start. The boys have been out practicing in the yard...what an arm on that little man!
4-1-09 This is part of the old garden up at Prospect Park. We take Ace off leash there for his walks a few times a week. The old garden belonged to the house that used to sit on top of the hill. It is a really neat place to walk around it. I always think of what is must have been like way back.
4-2-09 Ace at his perch waiting for the bus.
4-3-09 My markers ready for the SBO weekend retreat crop in Maine.
4-4-09 Here are the ladies cropping at the retreat. Helen is on the left and Kristin and Shana in the back. We had a great time cropping and enjoying a relaxing weekend...if you want to call it that.
4-5-09 Gail in another performance, RATS. She did a wonderful job as usual. Looked a little too old for Gregg and I to handle...well maybe more for Gregg to handle then me.
4-6-09 Team Ganas! Grant won a bowling party at the SS auction a week or so back and these are all the kids and teachers posing for the team photo. What a fun time. Grant's teacher is the 2nd one in from the left.
4-7-09 The planting of St. Joseph. We have been told it is good luck to bury him upside down facing the road when you are selling your house. We are hoping this helps!
4-8-09 Grady at Karate doing his cone pick up game. This game teached balance and speed.
4-09-09 Dunkin donuts today. I made a stop after dropping Gail off at school....she was late again!
4-10-09 Gillian was off work today due to Good Friday. We went to our favorite Tea Shop for lunch.
4-11-09 I bought a bed today. Can you believe I have had a king size mattress for 6 years now and no bed....ha. I treated myself and had some help picking it out by my little buddy below.
4-12-09 Have to upload Easter later. I have nt taken them off my other camera.
4-13-09 Cub Scouts tonight. Grady got his Tiger Badge.
4-14-09 It was a nice day so the kids did thier homework outside on the deck today. Gail was very cumfy.
OK, that is it for now. All cought up. I have got to begin to print these out and get them in an album. Thanks for looking....have a great one!
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  1. Yay for being caught up. Prospect Park does look like a neat place - I love old places like that. I always think I would love to see how it used to be in its day too. I think I was meant to live in the late 1800s as a rich girl! ROFL

  2. Wow the children are sure looking grownup MF.
    Tabasco huh!!!

  3. Great group of photos. I love that Gail is so into theater. I hope Miabella will be too.