Friday, February 13, 2009

365 Update...finally!

Here you latest installment of my photo a day for the entire year of 2009.
1/30/09 I missed recycling for two weeks....boy did I need this day!
1/31/09 Gail's 5th grade chorus concert.
2/1/09 This is what EXTRA DUCK SAUCE gets you.
2/2/09 Grady lost his first tooth today. He was so excited. This is a photo of the tooth wall in his class...this was his first entry. The tooth fairy brought him $1.01...pretty cool!
2/3/09 Gregg ordered something from Staples. In order to get free shipping he had to spend an extra 50 cents. Well the 50 cent eraser was so special it came in its own box with its own shipping cost....WTH! We didn't pay the shipping cost but Staples wonder the country is so screwed up right now.
2/4/09 Grady being a good boy...ya right! Homework after school.
2/5/09 Gregg won tickets to the Celtics game in the football registration raffle. Celtics vrs the Lakers. He and Grant went, got to sit in the special VIP seating and watch the game go into overtime...we LOST!
2/7/09 Gail playing at Mikayla's birthday party at Pump It Up.
2/8/09 OOPS! Missed another photo today.
2/9/09 Grady looses his 2nd tooth today.
2/10/08 My scraproom pre cleaning...see I am scrapping the proof is on the messy table.
2/11/09 The boys Valentines for school...what a fun project. More on this in my previous post below.
2/12/09 Grady had fun tallying up his Valentines and tracking them on a color coded chart. Ofcourse the colors corresponded to the colors of the lollipops. Got to get that math lesson in where we can.
Well, that is it for me today. I am off to a day of Valentine parties at the boys school. Have a great one ladies...thanks for looking!
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  1. Aww, those are REALLY fun photos, MF! My week's photos are going to bite, lol. :)

  2. MaryFrancis, loved looking at your week of photos. Your boys are so cute. Grady is going to be rich losing his teeth!! Love that tooth fairy.

  3. Love your photos fave; the erasure story. LOL

  4. wow! 2 teeth in one week! spending money for little G! lol