Monday, January 12, 2009

So, I am trying this whole 365 thing out for the year. Some of the ladies and I over at SBO having been keeping tabs on eachother and helping to keep us all on track. We thought it would be fun to blog at the end of the week with our photos so we can share with those who really care...if there are any of you who do. So, here is January 1-9 for me....Enjoy! 1-1-09 We spent New Years this year with Becky and Michael and the kids in Island Pond VT. 4.5 hours north of us in MA. The trip up was in a snow storm so it was more like 5.5hours for us. 1-2-09 Here is Gregg with that lovely finger of his. I forgot to take a photo for this day so this is it. Gosh, look how good I am 2 and I already forget to take a photo. 1-3-09 We went to George and Diane's for an unofficial Scout meeting tonight...a little Wii and we were all good. 1-4-09 YUP...this time I did forget to take a photo. 1-5-09 Some of my current CHA work for Karen Foster. 1-6-09 Went to buy Gail a new ski bag and it turned into new ski bag, boot bag, goggles, skis and boots...this was all Daddy! 1-7-09 Snow can watch tv and play on the computer 1-8-09 The day Gail claims in the best day ever...her custom designed Converse arrive in the mail. BTW....she is going to have another best day coming up really soon, stay tuned. 1-9-09 Can't take a photo of the Converse without one of the manay Lego cities being built in the Fabbri house. OK, that is if for my week. Would love to see or hear about yours. Just leave me a note and link to your blog and I will go take a peak. Have a good one.


  1. Aww, these are great MF! Looks like Gail has a birthday quite often! ROFL! ;) Lucky girl!

  2. LOL love Greg's finger...I use that one a lot in my house. Love Gail's sneakers! I would love those if they weren't so darn uncomfortable.

  3. That first photo looks so much like all of the ones I have of my husband! That finger always seems to make it into the picture!

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