Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Yes Sir that is me in my undies.  Yup, check it out...I am letting it all hang out in my new....

greenstyle creations

Here is the new NO SHOW BRIEF from GreenStyle Creations! Angelyn has done it again with an amazingly easy pattern that goes together so quickly and fits awesome. 

What a great pattern to have in your stash. So many different options.  Low, mid, high, cheeky or brief are available.  You even have the option to put a waistband on it you like.  Tons of size options available. Sizes B-M I am wearing the size E.

The words NO SHOW are so true with this pattern.  Leggings, jeans, pants....they don't show.  And sewing these up are such a joy.  15 minutes and you have new undies.  You will be whipping these up like crazy.

You can get the pattern for only $5 now through Friday.  Everyone needs new undies, so get going!

Happy Sewing folks.  Enjoy!

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