Saturday, November 15, 2014

Embroidered Fleece

Gail is really into things monogramed so what better way to practice was to hop over to Walmart and pick up a few fleece pullovers.  They are a bargain at $9.95 and they are cut nice so they don't fit to boxy.  She will wear them under a vest and look super cute.

The font I used is called Vine and I purchased it from RiverMill Embroidery, over on Etsy.

I love projects like this.  They give me the opportunity to try out something new to me that is "crafty".  I learned some new things while doing this project while also learning some new techniques with my embroidery machine.

I just love when a project comes up like this!  There are many monograms in my future for sure.

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  1. Those look so good. And you are so kind to even give us the link to buying the same font. Thanks.