Monday, November 3, 2014

Color Combinations: Red and Blue, Turquoise, Robins Egg, Fire Engine Red

I am getting the itch to paint another piece of furniture and have been looking at color combos that I am liking lately.  I totally love the red and blue combos.  And seeing I have a red stove and accents in my kitchen, and blue walls in my dining room I thought it might be nice to start tying everything together.

Before I start showing them off I have to show you this White Chocolate Rocky Road candy image I found on Pinterest.  It started the whole color combo fascination for me this week.  Of course it is not my blue and red combo but doesn't it just look divine?  YUM!

Here are some of my favorites.  

Love the red coffee table and side table.  The accent pillow with all the colors is just what I want to do with fabric on these two funky octagon chairs Gregg found for me years ago.  They have a total 70s vibe but need to be re-upholstered.  Anyway that is where I am going to bring in a colorful fabric.

The blue I am going for is more of a turquoise or robins egg blue.  Can't decide.  I want a happy vibe, colorful and playful.  Kind of looking for VINTAGE meets IKEA.  Weird...huh?

See, here is more of the lite blue (robins egg) that I have on the walls in my dining room.  I also have an old hope chest that I painted a few years ago in a mustard yellow.  Love that in the room.  But, it needs to find it's IKEA counterpart.

See here you can see the blue walls with the yellow piece.  It needs red I think.

So, that is it for now.  I have not quite found the right match, but hope to keep at it until I find something I am satisfied and totally in love with.

More later on this....

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