Friday, October 26, 2012

Studio Happening 10-22-2012

Super busy week for me and the studio.  Well, really for me and not the studio.  I did get all my new stools for my table and stained them today.  It is really nice her today so I could open the windows and doors and not asphyxiate from the smell of stain.  I also spent a better party of the week sorting out a big order from one of my favorite wholesale companies.  Lots of goodies like thread, paper, glue, POP DOTS, and stamps.

More headbands were made and I have been working on taking photos of all my jewelry for my Etsy Shop.  Plus uploading photos to facebook....blaaa blaaa blaaa.  Gosh it takes way more time then I would like it to. 

Here are a few of my favorites that I uploaded to my shop this week.

I am in love with these embroidered pendants.  They are so fun to make and are just so different to what you see around these days.

I also love the cross pendants.  They would make great gifts for the holidays.  They are trendy but still keep the know?

How about this one above for First Communion.  I know it is not the season but I think it would looks so pretty hanging from a sweet little girls next on her special day.
Oh, and I almost forgot.  I made some treats for Grant's Halloween party at scouts.  Got the idea on Pinterest.  Really cute idea.  Gregg took a log from the back yard and drilled holes in it so we could display them.  Have to tell you that Grant and I won for best treat at the party....2nd year in a row.  Yup...WE ROCK!

 Is that the cutest little scout you have ever seen?  My sweet boy Grant.

I am off to make these now....Lemon Crinkle Cookies.  I am bringing them to a crop tomorrow that I am going to.  YAY...have not gotten any ME scrapbooking done in awhile.  That reminds me, have to get some photos printed and maybe back my supplies.  Got to run.  Have a super weekend everyone!
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  1. Love your jewelry. Also congrats for winning best treats second year in a row. Sounds like you have been busy. Have a wonderful weekend!