Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Favorite Things Stamped Card

I made a set of these cards for my Mom for Christmas.  I used the MFT stamp set Winter In The City.  My mom just got a new puppy and she also lives in the city.  She is a quilter and fabric expert so I thought it would be fun to use fabic instead of paper for some of the images. 

I used some fusible "Wonder Under" and attached that to the fabric pieces. Stamped on them and then cut them out.  You can then peal away the paper backing and iron the pieces to either more fabric or in my case a white stamped cardtock image.

I sewed the red square on to add some more sewing goodness to the card and then pop dotted the dog so he would stick out a little from the stamped image.  Some finishing touches with some Stickles and flocking for snow and my card was done....then I made 6!

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  1. What's the story with the new dog. I didn't know. Boy? Girl? Name? Breed? Congrats to Granny Annie! Love, Jill