Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Are Done

The boys Valentine's are done for this year. They are all filled out and packed in baggies for tomorrow's party. We did the same type as last year. We figured we could get away with it again seeing that the boys are at a new school and their classmates have never seen these...unless some other Mom had the same idea. Which could be possible I guess. These photos are crappy but you get the ides. Grant is giving lollipops and Grady is giving erasers on sticks.
GRANT 2010

GRADY 2010

Have a great night!
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  1. These look FANTASTIC! I remember these from a while back. You rocked these out... the kids and parents are gonna flip. I have to give this a try next year. (remind me... ok? lol)

  2. those are super cute - I'll have to show you my take on them... maybe tomorrow if I can get my act together and remember to take photos in the morning :)

  3. You really rock these 3D effects - I think you are taking it to another level this year too.

    Love them!