Monday, November 16, 2009

Snowman Make and Take How To

So, would you like to make this little cutie pie for your tree this year. Or maybe you can use it as a tag on a package. My How-To is below. The ladies that will be attending my fall retreat in Maine this weekend will be making thise little guy. How adorable is he?

Snowman Ornament How To

Supplies Needed:

One chipboard snowman (You can buy these little guys in the dollar bin at Ms.)

1 4 x 8 inch piece of patterned paper

1 Scrap of black cardstock for hat

3 small buttons

2 small twigs

1 yard twine

12 inch piece of ribbon for scarf

Stickles in black, orange and crystal (optional)


Paper Cutter


Hole punch


Sanding block (optional)


Cover chipboard snowman with cardstock, sand edges if desired

Attach buttons to middle of body

Cut hat and attach to head of body

Punch three holes: 2 hole for the arms and one in the middle of the head for the hanging ribbon

Attach arms using twine. Take a 10 inch piece of twine and fold it in half. Tie a large enough knot in the middle so when you pass the piece through the hole for the arm it stops the twine from going all the way through to the front. Place the twig in the middle of the piece of twine and tie it on the body. Do the same for the other side.

Attach the ribbon as a scarf around the neck. Fringe the ends if desired.

Use Stickles or pens to make the eyes and the carrot nose.

Attach remaining piece of twine as hanger from hole in middle of head.

Use Stickles to decorate and add bling if desired.

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  1. Very nice!!! Can you come have a retreat here in NY???? :)

  2. he is CUTE! thanks for sharing, MF!

  3. MF...this little guy is way too cute!! :)

  4. Oh now this is adorable! I can't wait to make one this weekend. :)

  5. Love the snowman craft...can't wait to get in creative mode this weekend!!!

  6. How very cute! My girls are going to want to make him when I get home on Sunday!! ~Patty K

  7. Cute...if I put it on my tree it will have to be high enough so neither my dog or child will eat it!

    -Naomi :)

  8. thanks again for the fabulous weekend. Had a great time. Can't wait to do it again in the spring

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