Friday, October 30, 2009

RIBBON BELTS and a funsie for my Mom

So, I have been very busy for the past few weeks. I had some K aren Foster work to do for their October release....very cool new papers and embellishment coming out this month from KF. I have also been working on a calendar class for Ink About It, in Westford MA. I'm not done yet so no photos right now. I will be teaching this class in early December. If you live in MA you should come and take my class for sure. More about my busy crafting adventures the past few weeks. I saw this really neat belt made from ribbon scraps. Leslie posted it at SBO and I fell in love. She found the tutorial at Lil Blue Boo. Seeing that I have more Strano Ribbon that I know what to do with I decided to make one. When Jen Strano, on of my SB friends, saw the belt a few days later she went nuts and send me a box with another 3lbs of ribbon scraps in it. You may think 3 lbs is no big deal but when you are talking ribbon scraps it is an AMAZING gift to receive. When I opened the box ribbon came oozing that's a package you want to get in the mail. So, here is my belt and the one I just finished for one of Jen's daughters. Jen....btw, you never sent the measurements so I just went for it. I think it will fit. Gail tried it on and all was good on her end. Don't they look like such good buds?

These belts make me so happy. They just are so bright and colorful....mmmmmm yummmy!! And below is the bag I just finished for my Mom. It is using the Amy Butler Sling bag pattern. My mom is always buying me fabric to make things so I thought it was time for me to use it up and create something with it. I hope she likes are seeing it before her. WEll, if she came to my blog maybe she would see it first.

Got to run. I am teaching the paperbag album from yesterday to Grant's class at 2pm. Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween to all!

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  1. I bow before your craftiness.

    those belts are amazingly cute. and your mom will love the purse.

  2. The new belt came out awesome! You should start selling those on Etsy :) I know - you'd have to charge a small fortune to make it worth your time, but they are so unique and totally adorable.

  3. you are a quilter....I knew you would come back..HeHeHe, that was for your mom

  4. Hey girl. You have done such a great job on those belts. I have been fun with those belts too. i am in the middle of another one for me. I'm making them for the oldest granddaughters too.

    Now that purse for your mom is delicious. I love that fabric. It is so cool. I've been working on creating a pattern for a laptop bag for my daughter's Mac. I haven't conquered it yet but I'm close.

  5. Hey MF, the blog is looking good!! :)

  6. Oh wow! I LOVE them!! This is still something I want to try sometime. So cute and COOL! Great job.

  7. umm..HELLO! I want to know what you charge for a belt for Hailee!!! that would be PERFECT in her stocking!!!

    you rock MF!!

  8. gooodness. Mrs. Strano has been busy. I know I owe you the measurements. Here they are..
    peanut is 24
    and the professor is 30.
    cant wait to see them!

  9. And that new one is insane. Was that the may arts you bought that day?? Love that greeny buckle too.