Monday, October 19, 2009

365 October 19, 2009

10-19-09 We had snow yesterday and last night at about 7pm Gail decided to make a snowman. Poor little guy needs his face washed. 10-18-09 Gail and I did the Diabetes walk with Gail's friend Liz and her family. It was cold and snowing. The three mile walk was cut short to 1.5 miles. Liz is the little girl in the middle. 10-17-09 Some of the wine waiting to be drank at our wine tasting on Saturday night.
10-16-09 The kids and I went to the pumpkin painting party at thier new school tonight. This is Grant and his friend Maya.
10-15-09 So, do you think I need gas soon. This tank lasted me almost 3.5 weeks. That is pretty good.
10-14-09 Our first snow fall...well snow sprinkle might sound better.
10-13-09 We got the area that camper parks on leveled this week. Here is the truck delivering the gravel for the spot.
Well, that is it for me. Have a great week!
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  1. that snow man cracks me up. he looks like he's had a hard winter. lol.

  2. Love Gail's snowman! Another great week of photos! :)

  3. Enjoying seeing your life in pics MF!


  4. Good gosh, I cannot believe you got that much snow already!