Tuesday, April 28, 2009

365 Update!

4-15-09 Gail's first Softball practice. Got to love the sox on this outfit!
4/16/09 Treated myself to a mani and pedi today.
4/17/09 OOPS a missed day.
4/18/09 Local town elections are coming up on May 5th. Here is the center of town on Saturday morning. We know Tom Fiore...he is a buddy of Mike and Becky's
4/19/09 Grant's first baseball game and he pitched. He struck out three in a row in the last inning. He did a wonderful job. 4/20/09 Marathon Monday and also Daddy's b-day. The camera battery went nutso today so we only have a few photos from this year.
4/21/09 Jamie our nanny came to visit tonight. We have not seen her in 3 years. She is living back near us again so we are hoping to see more of her. The kids were so excited about her visit and she was so amazed at how big the kids have gotten. Look how tall Gail is compared to her...lol.
4/22/09 We went to Grannie's today to quilt the PIG quilt for Mrs. Smith the principle at Spring Street. I had a lot of fun working on this. It was the first time I used Grannie's long arm machine and it was so cool!
4/23/09 OOPS another missed day.
4/24/09 Gail and Grant each had play dates today. So Grady had a Mommy and Daddy day. We went out for lunch to the hot dog guy and then Chuck E Cheese to play. We had a really good time and Grady enjoyed his "private time" with Mommy and Daddy.
4/25/09 This is the scene from the end of Holman Street today. The Shrewsbury School House Quilt Guild was having thier quilt show down the road and they had this table and sale set up for folks to purchase quilts from.
4/26/09 We went to Lowe's today to scope out the veggie plants. We are going to plant a new garden this year and we want to get an idea of what we will plant. So far the list includes the following: Tomatoes, peppers, radishes, corn, cucumbers (toomtumers), watermelon and pumpkins.
4/27/09 The trees in the front yard are in bloom and they look spectacular. Had to get a photo of this seeing that they only last like this for a short time. I love spring!
4/28/09 Had to pick Gail up from school today. She is sick and puked in the hallway. So, I guess this one is for real. She was horrified considering there were some kids in the hallway when it happened. I said "Be happy you didn't puke on them!"
That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Hope Gail is feeling better! Loved all your photos this week! :)

  2. What a great week in photos, MFF!

  3. Love the one with Grady out the car window! That is so stinkin' cute!!