Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines are DONE!!!!

The boys Valentines are done...yay! Check that one off my list. I got this great idea from Marjorie over at SBO....she found in on the All Pictures All the Time blog. The boys just love the idea of the photo with a lollipop coming out of thier hand. The photos below don't show the pop but they are all done and packed up for the party tomorrow. You get the ides.
Grady had even more fun with his....we made it into a short math lesson. He was doing tallies of all his valentines this morning before school. He sorted them first by pop color, then made a chart with colored markers to conincide with his pops. He then did tally marks for each group, after counting each of them. 28 valentines in all, he was so proud of himself. Here he is counting and tallying.
It is always so amazing to me how little kids LOVE to learn. He was so into it and I just let him run with it. I guess every little bit helps a kid learn.
Well, got to run. Lots to do today and I want to get some time in editing my 365 photos. I need to get them posted soon. I don't want to fall behind.
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