Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blue and Gold Table Tents

The boys Blue and Gold Cub Scout dinner is coming up on Sunday and the theme this year is "Camping Out". How happy was Grady when he heard this. I think he thinks the camper is going to be in the driveway and that is how he is getting to the Well, I am the awards chair for the pack and I am also helping out with the dinner. One of my assignements was to make the table markers for the dinner. This was a fun and easy project and could very well be adapted to any party you may need table markers for. Here is a short how to... Scan of find and image that fits your theme. I took a piece of BS paper from a K and Co. paper pack that had a campfire on it and scanned it into my photo editing software, I use Corel, but you can use anything. I then cropped my image to 4x6 inches and printed them two on a page. I printed mine on kraft color Bazzill and Worldwin Cardstock. I stamped the word DEN using Technique Tuesday Main Street Alphas. I cut the den # from black Bazzill on my Cricut. 1.5 inches in height. Ran them through my small sticker maker and attached them under the word DEN. ( I only did this because I realized I don't have any numbers to match any of my letter stamps sets from TT...what is up with that?) I attached two of the 4x6 pieces at the top with a small strip of scrap paper scored down the middle to make a fold. I then attached them like a hinge. I then cut another camp fire image out and attached that with popdots over the original fire image. Added some stickles and look at these cool table markers. The boys are really excited for the skits thier dens have planned and we are also having smores made from the chocolate fountain. Does anyone know how I can keep choclate melted for the trip to the dinner? I have to melt it at my house and then get it to the dinner and into the fountain before it hardens. That is my next project. Thanks for looking at this super easy and super fun project! Enjoy your day ladies. MF signature


  1. Those are really cute MF!! Love the Stickled fire!

  2. Love the table markers! Wow, your pack is very organized for the dinner. Ours is coming up in two weeks but I haven't heard any of this going on. Maybe it is and I'm just not involved to know?!
    Maybe try heating up a slow cooker on high and then pour the melted chocolate in as you go out the door? I have no idea but that's my contribution for an idea. LOL

  3. I checked it out right away. Love the tent with campfire. Kids are beautiful. Say hi to Mr & Mrs O'Connell and all the Fabbris for all of us. Love, Jill