Thursday, October 30, 2008

No TV, Video Games, computers

Yup, I said it. We decided two weeks ago to cut off TV, VG, and any non school related computer time for the kids from Monday to Friday. And I must say it has been awesome. The kiddos have a mean game of Spiderman Monopoly going on the dining room table, the boys learned how to play Crazy 8, and Gail's room has been kept pretty clean. We have sat down and ate dinner at least twice each week together and last night Gail played her guitar....she pick it up and played it. You would think she would have lost some of her talent in not playing it for 6 months, but she did not. We are hoping that keeps up, if it does we will be back at lessons the first of the year. We will see. All is good in our house. Not much fighting, lots of together time, reading and drawing. As Martha would say...Its a good thing.

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  1. I noticed when you mentioned that you don't allow TV or computer, etc during the week and thought it was a great idea. I'm pretty strict though with getting them going as soon as they walk in the door depending on how much work they have to do. I have chore charts for them and that really helps to keep us on track. It's neat that it's introduced you all to some new games and family time. The stuff memories are made of . . .