Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Septeber 5, 2007

Could I possibly be blogging two days in a row? Could it be? Is this really happening? Hold on to your paper trimmers ladies.....I AM!! I have been thinking about one of my ladies at SBO last night and tonight. Her hubby left yesterday for a 15 month tour in Iraq. What a bummer I must say. And she is home with three little boys that are starting school today without their daddy. They are super proud of their dad for what he is doing. He is a strong man with so much love for his family and country that he is willing to fight for our freedom. I am so proud of this family and I with them all the best. We will take good care of our SBO Sista while you are can count on that. Good Bless


  1. SO sweet MF....I hope our dear sista sees this and knows that you {and all of us at SBO} are thinking of her!

  2. You are so right! We are prouder than can be and will stand by Marti and her family.

  3. So proud of our military men and women and the families they leave behind that hold their head high in pride.